List of All Courses

For Children (4 to 6 years)

Darul Muflihaat offers 2 years Diploma in Aqeedah with only one subject for children of age 4 to 6 years. It will be taught to them every Sunday through Muallimah Nazneen’s 4 years daughter Maryam’s videos. The video will be release every Sunday which children can follow and learn things playfully.

For Children (6 to 12 years)

Darul Muflihaat offers Tajweed and Basic Islamic Ethics course for children of age group between 6 to 12 years. It will be taught to them according to their own convenient time. We will take care that their school studies don’t get disturbed. Subjects included in this course are Tajweed and Basic Islamic Ethics.

Aalimiyat & Diploma for Females

Darul Muflihaat offers Aalimiyat of 6yrs & Diploma in Uloom e Sharia of 4yrs to females of age over 12 years who don’t get enough time to join regular offline or online courses to learn Islamic studies. Subjects included in foundation are Aqeedah, Namaz e nabwi. Tajweed, Basic Islamic Ethics and Urdu writing and reading.

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